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About us

The rush for fibre will soon be over. It is not financially feasible to deploy fibre everywhere. Those living and working outside of fibre coverage areas also need access to fast, reliable and affordable connectivity. Wireless is the only way to do this fast and affordably and the RUSH Network can do this reliably at scale.

The RUSH Network fixed wireless network is used by multiple South African Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create and sell their own white-labelled fixed wireless services. This enabled ISPs to reach customers previously neglected by network infrastructure providers.

About RUSH Network
Service Providers on the RUSH Network have full visibility into and complete control over the network and the services they sell. Gone are the days of inefficiencies by ISPs providing delayed and lacking customer service on a network that they cannot monitor, manage or troubleshoot themselves, always having to play the middle-man. We have built the core network infrastructure from the ground up with ISPs in mind, giving them full API and web portal access to monitor and manage their customers’ services. Our in-house software development team continues to add additional functionality, network control and visibility into the API and web portal as requested by service providers.
The RUSH Network is the
biggest network of it’s type in Africa
Why the RUSH Network?
Suited For Business And Home Use
Because the RUSH Network is fast, reliable and affordable, it is perfectly suited for use by business and home users as a primary or failover connectivity service.
Wide Network Coverage
The current network covers a total population of over 12 million, including 1.2 million businesses and 4 million homes. Our network reach keeps on growing at a rapid pace to where the demand is.
Latest Generation PtMP Last-Mile Technology
The last-mile radios we use are a world first with 14×14 MU-MIMO and the highest spectral efficiency when compared to any other manufacturer’s PtMP (Point to Multipoint) radios and allow for over 1.2Gbps capacity per sector.
Ultra Low Latency
Subscribers get very low latencies of under 20ms (10ms typical) on the RUSH Network, making it ideal for business cloud services (Office 365, Google Suite, Accounting, ERP systems, etc.) and online gaming.
Get Up To 50Mbps At Low Cost
Although our customer CPE radios can achieve over 100Mbps of actual throughput, the RUSH Network currently offers up to 50Mbps true uncapped wireless to customers.
Full Tower Approvals
All fully owned and managed towers went through all the required permitting steps, including council approved structure and building plans, CAA approvals, EIA assessments, etc. to ensure that tower infrastructure is built sustainably with a long-term view.
Easy Coverage Checks And Signup
Instant network coverage and signup can be done instantly via the RUSH Network ISP Portal or API.
Fully Redundant Core Network Infrastructure
The RUSH Network has a presence to directly interconnect with other networks via full dual redundant infrastructure and routes in Teraco Isando (JHB), Teraco Riverhorse (DBN) and Teraco Rondebosch (CPT).
Fast Time To Install
Subscriber wireless installations are done within five working days from order. If a Certified Installer is in the area of a newly received order, installation may happen on the same day!
Fibre Backbone
All towers with access to fibre, are connected to carrier grade fibre back to the major South African data centres. Where fibre is not available yet, multiple carrier grade microwave links are deployed. This allows very reliable backhaul connections with <2ms latency at very high speeds.
Multiple Carrier Grade Fibre And/Or Microwave Backhauls
All towers have a minimum of two (with some over 10) backhaul connections. This ensures that uptime and availability is maximised with automatic rerouting of traffic should there be any routine maintenance or outages on a single backhaul connection.
SLA (Service Level Agreement) With Penalties
To guarantee the level of service expected by business customers, an SLA is available on some services and packages.
Different Dedicated Field Teams And Roles
Different field teams are responsible for different aspects of the network. These teams on the road include Customer Installations, Customer Onsite Support, High Site Maintenance and High Site Construction. This allows the RUSH Network team to always offer fast and effective service and the highest network availability.
Backup Power
All towers have backup batteries and generators to ensure that load shedding and local power outages do not negatively impact network uptime. The RUSH Network had no core network downtime during the few weeks of load shedding implemented by Eskom in March 2019.
24/7/365 Security
All towers have alarms, remote CCTV surveillance and armed response. Our security control room monitors the towers 24 hours a day for intruders in order to take action immediately before any network downtime is caused by criminals.
In-House Software Development Team
All systems, software and tools are built or customised to suit the needs of the business to offer the best and fastest service in the most efficient manner. By having a “we can still do better” attitude, the RUSH Network remains a few steps ahead of its peers.
Own Tower Portfolio
Most of the high sites on the RUSH Network are fully owned and maintained by us to offer the lowest interference and highest reliability.
Our friendly Channel team is here to assist service providers to expand their service offering to fixed wireless access and can be contacted for more information.
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